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Below is a list of services we offer to maintain, repair, install or convert furnaces. Our professional and experienced team is able to address any HVAC concern you have in your home, business, insitution or industrial building. To learn more about our HVAC services or to detail the work you are in need of, fill out our contact form here and our team will be in touch with you in a timely matter.


Furnace Services

Natural Gas furnace

Natural Gas Furnace

oil furnace

Oil Furnace

Electric Furnace

Electric Furnace

Propane Furnace

Propane Furnace

Preventative Maintenance


Our maintenance services have you covered. Regular furnace maintenance results in money and energy savings, as well as consistent comfortable living. We tailor our furnace maintenance on a case-by-case basis, however we often perform the following:

  • Inspection of vent system
  • Inspection of air intake
  • Cleaning or replacing air filter
  • Ensuring safety controls are functional
  • Monitoring start-up cycle
  • Examining blower
  • Checking burner and flame sensors

Additional maintenance for Oil or Gas furnaces can often consist of the following:

  • Examination of fuel lines
  • Testing gas pressure
  • Testing burner
  • Testing pilot


If you’ve decided to make the investment of having a professional HVAC tech perform maintenance on your furnace, it is also important to consider the frequency of your maintenance.

We recommend:

  • SEASONALLY: It is best to have maintenance performed on your furnace prior to the winter season. The time span between the previous winter up to current could leave your furnace suspect to dust and debris build up. It is important to consider maintenance prior to excessive winter use.


  • WARRANTIES: A time frame between maintenance check-ups is often provided by the warranrty associated with your furnace. Adhering to the conditions of this warranty will ensure that you are covered in event of possible breakdown.


Our knowledgeable and professional team will be there if you are need of a furnace repair. Our techs can service a full-range of furnace suppliers to provide you with a timely solution to your furnace concerns.



Regardless of the quality of your furnace installation, your vigorous maintenance routine and proper repairs, there are plenty of circumstances where a new furnace is necessary. Furnaces do have a lifespan! If you are in need of a furnace installation, count on ZENMECH to remove your current set-up and install a new propane, oil, gas or electric furnace with proper attention to manufacturer instruction and usage of best practices.


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Furnace Conversions


Electric to natural gas conversion

Electric to Natural Gas Conversion

oil to propane

Oil to Propane Conversion

oil to propane

Oil to Natural Gas Conversion

Electric to propane conversion

Electric to Propane Conversion

Switching away from your electric or oil furnace offers many benefits:

  • Improved efficiency and lowered bills
  • Higher AFUE rating, a measurement of how much fuel can be converted to heat
  • Space savings
  • Less environmental threat

Additional benefits consist of:

  • Lowered home insurance
  • Government incentives &¬†rebtates for switching to high-efficiency furnace

Our professional, licensed team at ZENMECH can switch your oil or electric furnace to a propane or natural gas furnace with ease.

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