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Heat recovery

What is an HRV?

Put simply, a heat recovery ventilator, popularly known as an HRV, vents stale air outdoors while bringing fresh air indoors.

In summer climates, the HRV recovers the cool air leaving the home and uses this energy to cool the air coming in the home.

In winter climates, the HRV recovers the heat leaving the home and uses this energy to warm the air coming in the home.

In either season, the A/C or furnace does not have to work as hard to heat or cool the home, reducing energy bills.


energy recovery

What is an ERV?

An ERV, which is an Energy Recovery Ventilator works similarly to an HRV, Heat Recovery Ventilator. However, where HRVs only recover heated or cooled air, ERVs recover heated or cooled air AND relative humidity.

In winter climate, an ERV recovers the moisture of the air leaving the home and uses this energy trapped in the humidity to help heat the incoming air.

In summer climates, an ERV uses the trapped energy within the moisture of the incoming humid air the assist in cooling the incoming air.




Which is right for you?

Regardless of your choice, an HRV or ERV will lower your energy bills and improve the air quality in your home, and increase the efficiency of your A/C and furnace. Both recovery ventilators work to replace stale air to prevent moisture build up, toxic mould and rot. However, the choice between an HRV and ERV will depending. on factors such as: 



An ERV may be beneficial in your home or business is your live in a climate with dry winters and humid summers. In otherwords, if maintaining proper humidity in your home is a pain point, an ERV may be a good choice. In the areas we service (Northumberland, Durham, Peterborough and Kawartha Lakes) this describes our climate.


Existing Heating System

The existing heating system in your home or business may contribute to the humidity levels in the air. If your home or businesses uses a non-drying heating system such as a boiler, and HRV may be the right choice. If your home or business uses a drying heating system such as electric baseboards, an ERV will improve your comfort.


Age of Commercial/Residential Structure

If your home is an older home, it is likely that it is not air tight and humidity can be a pain point. An ERV is recommended for older homes. If your home is air-tight, an HRV may be the right choice. 


Size of Commercial/Residential Structure

Smaller homes are often susceptible to increased humidity with showers, dishes, laundry machines and human bodies in a small space. This means that the winter air is not as dry, and an HRV could be more suitable. In larger, dryer homes, an HRV may be the right choice.  


how we can help

Our experienced, fully-licensed team can assist you in discovering which system may be right for you. We analyze your space and consider all related factors to help you choose a recovery ventilation system.

ZENMECH services, installs and repairs HRV and ERV systems

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